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Rosemary Liss ’11

"The Senator Theater,"€ oil on canvas by Rosemary Liss ’€™11
“The Senator Theater,”€ oil on canvas by Rosemary Liss ’€™11

The work of Rosemary Liss ’11 was featured in the nationally juried exhibition “Strokes of Genius” in November at the MFA Circle Gallery in Annapolis, Md. “The Senator Theater,” oil on canvas, was part of the studio art major’s senior project at Wheaton, documenting the temporary nature of the urban landscape by painting old movie theaters. Currently, Liss lives and works in Baltimore for the advertising agency Trahan, Burden, and Charles. “I wear many hats, but my job title is studio artist,” she says. “The agency has an in-house production company called Charles St. Films, and during commercial shoots I have worked both on props and as a production coordinator. For example, we just finished filming a commercial for Haribo, the candy company that makes Gummie Bears. For this commercial shoot, I helped build the props, as well as worked behind the scenes hiring the crew, booking the talent, and coordinating other logistics required in order for the shoot to run smoothly. In my free time, I paint and am an active member of the local art scene. Baltimore is perfect for young artists. Every weekend there are gallery openings, events and concerts. It’s great to be surrounded by so many creative people.”