Happy anniversary, nursery school!

In going through our calendars from the 1960s in connection with writing my late husband’s biography/memoir, I encountered notes on my first meeting regarding plans for the “new nursery school.” This reminded me that the Elisabeth Amen Nursery School is celebrating its 80th birthday this year [which was noted in the fall Quarterly]. As a retired professor who not only made extensive use of the school in my teaching and for my students’ research, but also actually had the opportunity to help design the present building, I am well aware of the importance that this historic school plays. When I speak to colleagues, they are envious. I trust that Wheaton is properly proud of this piece of history, which lives on today as a magnificent teaching facility as well as a great place for children.

Judy Rosenblith, professor emerita of psychology

Article captured Heather, Sharon

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the fall Quarterly. I especially loved the article spotlighting Heather Corbett ’86 and Sharon Howard ’87. I was Heather’s advisor when she was an officer in the Class of ’86 and a co-worker of Sharon’s for many years. Lou Ann Daly ’76 captured the essence of both women and the enormous impact each has made on Wheaton the institution and Wheaton the community. Theirs will be big shoes to fill, indeed. They will be missed!

Nancy Bianchi Norton ’78, P’09, P’12