John and Ann Runnette letter

Ann and I have so enjoyed making our annual gift to Wheaton to support the cost of educating the next generation. Over the years, we have met so many great young graduates from Wheaton on their way developing a new life for themselves and those around them as well. In particular, Ann and I have supported Wheaton Fund scholarships through our annual fund gifts.

But Ann and I would like to know how successful we have been in leading by example and in showing recent graduates just how important your participation in the Wheaton Fund is to further the education of others. It would appear to me that your giving would be the greatest example to others on the value of reaching back to Wheaton. It is not the amount that is important but certainly the participation. With our gift to the Wheaton Fund, Ann and I would like to challenge you to stand up and be counted right beside us. Wheaton needs us all to participate!

Our best for a wonderful summer,

John and Ann Runnette ‘56