Jacquelyn Croce ’06

Treatment coordinator

The Groden Network

Providence, R.I.

I work with 6- to 8-year-olds at the Groden Center day program. The children I work with have so much to offer and make so many gains in their communication, social interactions and academics. Knowing I am having such an impact on the lives of my students is such a reward. Children have come to my classroom with no formal communication system and have learned to communicate in full sentences, either verbally or with pictures. Being able to help these students express their needs and learn the routine of a classroom is not only a gain for them as learners, but also for their lives outside of school. It is so rewarding to hear parents tell about the positive changes they have observed in the home as children use new skills, like turn-taking.

I majored in English and elementary education, and I believe Wheaton provided me with a great educational foundation. I am currently a graduate student at Rhode Island College and will receive my master’s degree in early childhood special education in May 2011. I hope to teach in an inclusion preschool or kindergarten classroom and to one day work as a program director.