Jaclyn “Jackie” Hurley Christensen ’00


Jaclyn "Jackie” Hurley Christensen ’00

  • Product owner
  • WhippleHill Communications, Bedford, N.H.

Jackie Christensen works in software development, creating a product vision for WhippleHill’s learning management system, onCampus, an online tool that helps private K–12 schools manage and share information with students and parents. It’s her job to understand the competitive landscape, conduct user research, and communicate with schools to ensure that her team is on the right track. She prioritizes which product features and enhancements her development team tackles in each software release. She also works closely with the sales and marketing team to ensure the product messaging is accurate, clear and compelling to potential customers.

“Women are major consumers of technology,” says Christensen. “If companies want to be successful now and in the future, they need people on their product development teams who relate to women’s needs and daily challenges.”

Women in technology
In the spirit of the Sit With Me project, the Quarterly is showcasing several alumnae working in the industry. Coming from backgrounds that include a variety of majors and working in a wide range of jobs, from designing Navy destroyers to creating educational software, they illustrate the many opportunities available and the many paths into the field that a liberal arts education offers.

She credits an independent study on environmental psychology she did with Professor of Psychology David Wulff for honing her writing and communications skills, which she uses every day in her job.

“I now recognize how unique an opportunity I had, working one-on-one with a professor as an undergraduate.”

Her path to a career in technology was not linear, says Christensen, who majored in environmental science and minored in psychology at Wheaton. Working in development for the Anti-Defamation League of Boston, she found she had a knack for figuring out the software programs used to track gifts and generate donor reports.

She dovetailed her interests in technology and nonprofit work as an e-philanthropy specialist for Campagne Associates in Manchester, N.H., before joining WhippleHill. “That’s the exciting thing about technology: it’s so fast-paced that unique opportunities crop up all the time.”