Investing in Wheaton students

When you give to the Wheaton Fund, you support and enhance the full breadth of the student experience, powering up Wheaton’s academic programs, student activities, and internships in every field of endeavor. See what your gifts can do:

The Impact of a Gift

Athletics: Two basketballs, one baseball bat or a stopwatch for our top-ten Women’s Track & Field team! $50
Technology: Smartpens record a lecture as a student take notes. Students who have difficulty listening and taking detailed notes at the same time find that these tools help them to excel. $100
Academics: It’s fundamental, and vitally important. Five to ten new library books … or one month of an online database subscription $250
College Operations Electric power to light up the libary and run its technology for a week. $500
Campus Life: The rights for students to perform published music in plays or concerts. Your gifts help students purse their passion in the arts … or any discipline that interests them. $1,500
Internships: With your help, Wheaton can continue to offer summer stipends that enable students to undertake amazing experiences exploring a potential career field, collaborating on a faculty research project, or participating in community service at home or abroad. $3,000
Scholarship: A one-year Wheaton Fund scholarship. More than 60 percent of students could not attend Wheaton without support, making your scholarship gifts essential. $5,000

Remember …
Wheaton’s alumnae/i supported your education when you were a student. So pay it forward! Thank you.

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Did you know?

  • Gifts to the Wheaton Fund now contribute $2,580 to each student’s education.
  • Wheaton would have to add another $80 million in endowment to generate what the Wheaton Fund provides annually.