Inspiring interactions

Aaron Bos-Lun ’12 

  • Political science major
  • Teach For America, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  • Bhutan participant, fall 2011

“I wrote my senior thesis on Bhutan’s transition to democracy, and was able to interview members of Parliament and a minister, and to hear the prime minister speak three times. Where else could I have done this, or gained that kind of hands-on research experience?

I had the chance to meet and interview the Minister of Education, and asked him about the relationship between democracy and education. His response put into words the thoughts I had had throughout my Wheaton years, that education and democracy are both meant to allow people to create the best version of themselves.

My interview with the minister directly influenced my decision to apply to Teach For America. I am now in my first year as a high school teacher in Miami.

I am ultimately interested in public policy, and many of my students are recent immigrants from Latin America or the Caribbean. I often think of my experience in Bhutan when I think of my current work in education and my interest in America’s democracy—how do we open the doors of opportunity to more people, and how do we make America work in the 21st century?

I found answers to part of this in the tiny Himalayan kingdom. Bhutan will always be a part of my thinking.”

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