In service

Wheaton has a long history of incorporating service events into the experiences of first year students. This September, the college’s freshmen will commemorate 9/11 by embarking on a day of service in the Norton community.

The event is Wheaton’s way of joining in the National Day of Service and Remembrance proposed by President Obama.

“The whole thing is to take a tragedy and take what has sort of become a perpetual day of mourning into something that looks forward, not backward,” said Vereene Parnell, associate dean of service, spirituality and social responsibility. About 90 first-year students have signed up for Friday’s activities, which will start with a 10- to 15-minute ceremony, she added.

Wheaton students will be working at the town’s Head Start, where they will help prepare five classrooms for the start of school; Norton’s Library Park, where they will join volunteers cleaning up the site; and the Attleboro-Norton YMCA.

Source: The Sun Chronicle