Honoring the Crutchers

President Ronald A. Crutcher with Betty Neal CrutcherThe Thomas Anthony Pappas Charitable Foundation recently joined other friends of the college in supporting student scholarships to honor President Ronald A. Crutcher and his wife, Betty Neal Crutcher.

The foundation’s $25,000 grant not only pays tribute to the Crutchers but also augments its existing endowed scholarship fund, the Thomas Anthony Pappas Endowed Scholarship in the Liberal Arts.

Wheaton alumnae/i, parents and friends are choosing to support scholarships as a way of paying tribute to the Crutchers’ personal commitment to helping students. Each year, they greet first-year families when they arrive for orientation, helping to unload minivans, answer myriad questions and share a warm welcome. They stay connected with these students, personally mentoring dozens of young women and men.

In addition, the Crutchers’ philanthropy has been directed to scholarship aid to help ensure that students will not face excessive student loan debt after they graduate.

The Ronald and Betty Neal Crutcher Wheaton Fund Scholarship will confer annual scholarships for the 2014–2015 academic year to deserving students on the basis of academic merit, extracurricular achievements, and/or community service.

The effort will result in both an endowed scholarship fund and a Wheaton Fund scholarship that will be awarded immediately.

Grants, endowments and scholarships, oh my