Globe offers sweet praise for professor

When Boston Globe writer Don Aucoin published his theater picks of 2013 in December, guess who was on the list? Wheaton’s own Associate Professor of Theatre Stephanie Burlington Daniels.

The Globe proclaimed her tops in the category of “Most creative use of cake during a solo performance,” for her portrayal of a “deranged academic” in Kenneth Prestininzi’s one-woman play Birth Breath Bride Elizabeth, which was presented by Sleeping Weazel at ArtsEmerson in Boston last February.

In the play, Daniels portrays Mary Shelley-Breath, who, as described by Sleeping Weazel, “gives birth to a newly imagined post-feminist manifesto that re-mixes Frankenstein with Princess Diana, Elvis Presley and a young bride’s hope to have the cake of her dreams.”

This isn’t the only time Daniels has received praise for her performance. Prior to the list, a Globe review applauded her for delivering “one of the more fearless performances in recent memory.”

Because we didn’t have the privilege of seeing the play, we asked the professor exactly what she does with this cake.

“I give ‘birth’ to it, smash it to pieces, stuff it into my face, feed it to the audience, and then it becomes my baby again. …I sing it a lullaby,” Daniels told us. “One night when I was offering it to a woman in the front row, she took a handful of cake from me and then shoved it on my face—while growling. She later apologized, but felt she couldn’t control herself!”

Most creative, indeed.