My gift My way: Linda Berry Trimble ’58

-Retired nursery school treasurer

Member of EHCC Ladies 18 hole golfers, League Club of Cape Cod and Chatham Garden Club

Wife of John Trimble for 47 years; mother of two

“We began thinking about establishing a legacy at Wheaton during my 50th Reunion in 2008. John had been prodding me to join him in contributing to our schools equally, since it appeared to him that both our colleges had shaped our lives in significantly similar ways. So, we did that, and it felt great to help propel the Class of 1958 to a new 50th Reunion gift record. But that didn’t completely satisfy a deep desire we both harbored to do something more permanent for our colleges and the students who make them so special. We finally took action after reviewing our estate plans by establishing an endowed scholarship fund. This will be created from a combination of a gift from our estate and the proceeds from a charitable remainder unitrust. While we’re not anxious to see that come to fruition too quickly, we recognize that future Wheaton students who might not otherwise have been able to attend will have the opportunity to blossom and fulfill their promise as a result. That feels very satisfying!”

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