My gift. My way.

Margit Bliss Orange ’57

-Retired testing specialist

Austin Area League of Women Voters member

Married to Arnold Orange for 28 years; mother, grandmother

“In May, I will attend my 55th Reunion. As I look forward to renewing friendships with former classmates and getting another glimpse of today’s campus and students, I’m more aware than ever of the importance of supporting Wheaton. I want to make sure that others get an opportunity to have the wonderful experience I had. With the access to educational loans being reduced because of the economy, my husband, Arnie, and I are very aware of the critical need for financial aid in order for Wheaton to recruit and retain highly qualified students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. So we decided to contribute by pledging funds over the next five years for a Wheaton Fund scholarship and by establishing an endowed scholarship through a bequest. It’s great to know that the scholarships we support will help the promising students who otherwise might not have access to a Wheaton education.”

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