Fulbright record

Wheaton set a new record for Fulbright Scholar awards this year, reflecting both the academic achievements of its students and the global nature of the college’s educational programs.

Nine Wheaton students and recent graduates won Fulbright awards that will support of year of living, working and studying abroad, from Thailand and Indonesia to Estonia and Poland.

“This is an astounding achievement for each of our students, as well as for Wheaton,” said President Ronald A. Crutcher. “The number of Fulbrights awarded shows how dedicated students are in preparing—through their academic studies and through their broad range of experiences—for lives that have a global reach.

“The fact that our students continually win Fulbrights each year underscores the hard work and commitment of faculty and staff members who offer advice and guidance throughout the very competitive process.”

Wheaton continues to rank among the top 10 liberal arts colleges in the nation when it comes to preparing students to win Fulbright Scholarships for advanced study and work abroad, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Institute for International Education, which administers the Fulbright program.

Wheaton tied for ninth place in the number of students who received Fulbrights in 2011, sharing the spot with Bowdoin, Connecticut and Wellesley colleges, among others. Overall, Wheaton’s students have won 72 Fulbright awards from 1998 through 2012.

Wheaton students’ success in winning national scholarships goes beyond the Fulbright to encompass a variety of other prestigious awards, including Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and Watson scholar awards. In fact, Wheaton students have won 18 competitive academic scholarships this year.

Professor of Political Science Jay Goodman wrote a 2010 article for the Wheaton Quarterly, Pathways to Success, that discusses the success of Wheaton students in winning competitive post-graduation scholarships.