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Lisa Miller Maguire ’81Lisa Miller Maguire ’81

Founder and chair, Get Real…Get Raw!

Raw food chef and nutrition advocate

Wheaton Fund supporter

Plants ideas:

“My nonprofit organization promotes health and healing through raw foods. I began digging into the science of food and how powerfully medicinal it is when one of my daughters decided to go on a raw food diet years ago to clear up her skin. The science of food is fascinating. I’m on a mission to really learn how food can save the health of our children and our country. I started the nonprofit because I want to share what I’ve learned.”

Values her roots:

“Wheaton was a very special place to me. It offered so many amazing opportunities, both academically and in life. The relationship with my professors was extraordinary. They all encouraged me to explore many subjects. I did, and double majored in art and physics. That love of learning has never left me.”

Sows what she reaped:

“I lost my mother my freshman year, and the love and warmth that I felt from Wheaton warms my heart to this day. I give back to Wheaton because it gave me so much more than just a great education. It provided a caring, nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment in which to grow. I want others to have that experience.”

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