Focus on the future

-Christopher Paquet ’03 

  • NYC Department of Health, director of policy and strategic initiatives,
  • Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • 2012 NYC Distinguished Service Award recipient
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Collaborates for success:

“In my role I focus on emergency policy and strategic initiatives by collaborating with several agencies to prepare for the unexpected, including natural disasters, contagious disease outbreaks and various other threats to New York City. I’m fortunate to work with some of the best health and response experts around.”

Knows what’s important:

“I love my job. I’ve worked hard, but it would not have been possible to get here without the education, connections and experiences I’ve received from Wheaton. Not only was I able to learn from dedicated professors, but I also gained valuable experience outside of the classroom. My internships and work on campus with several offices showed me how to take classroom knowledge and apply it to practical work.”

Thinks ahead:

“I may not be able to give millions, but I support Wheaton because I want the college to continue to educate students in a multifaceted way. The college gave me an interdisciplinary education, which has helped me succeed in a variety of jobs. Still to this day, Wheaton students, alums, faculty and staff continue to support me in my development. These people are part of my extended family and I grow stronger each day because of them.”

Support Wheaton

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Photo by Bindy Crouch