…Find the perfect job in a tough market

Career-wise, I’ve gone from working in the performing arts to event planning, and from being a food expert to now working as a project manager at a large financial institution. Somehow I always manage to land on my feet—even after a recent layoff. One of the reasons is that I’m always open to new opportunities; even volunteering can build your network and show off your skills. I’m continually rewriting my résumé, always finding ways to make it better, then attaching it to personal e-mails. (Hi, Brenda. How’s your mom? Here’s my résumé.) Those you know best are most qualified to -recommend you for a job. That’s how I landed my current position! I have always been open to rebranding myself or repackaging my experiences to fit new opportunities. My advice in a nutshell? Tell everyone that you’re looking for a job. I mean everyone—the butcher, the baker, even your caramel macchiato maker. You never know what might happen.

—Michelle Roden Conway ’86

In addition to doing project management, Conway also volunteers at a nonprofit organization.