Faculty publications, honors and creative works

Assistant Professor of Political Science Marcus Allen co-authored the article “Teaching Introduction to American Government/Politics: What We Learn from the Visual Images in Textbooks” in the Journal of Political Science Education (January 2010). He also delivered the keynote address, “From Du Bois to Obama: The Continued Quest for Universal Freedom,” via digital videoconferencing, at the international conference “The Role of African Americans in Bringing Equality and Social Justice to All” held at Moldova State University in February.

Great Cities in HistoryKeiter Professor of History Alexander Bloom published the essay “New York: An Age of Lead to an Age of Gold,” in The Great Cities in History (Thames and Hudson, 2009). He also presented the paper “Abraham Lincoln, the 1960s, and Barack Obama: Restoring the Lost Connection” at the conference “Between History and Myth: Politics and Political Uses of Abraham Lincoln,” Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy, in November 2009.

Professor of English Samuel Coale published the essay “The Entangled Web: Heaven’s Prisoners in Manichean Prisons” in A Violent Conscience: Essays on the Fiction of James Lee Burke (McFarland, 2010).

EuropaAssociate Professor of Geology Geoffrey Collins coauthored the book chapter “Chaotic Terrain on Europa” in Europa (University of Arizona Press, 2009).

Prentice Professor of English Michael Drout published the essay “Survival of the Most Pleasing: A Meme-Based Approach to Aesthetic Selection” in On the Aesthetics of Beowulf and Other Old English Poems. (University of Toronto Press, 2010).

Jennings Professor of French Studies Edward Gallagher has published a new translation, with introduction and commentary, of The Lays of Marie de France (Hackett Publishing Company, 2010).

Professor of English Paula Krebs co-edited A Longman Cultural Edition of Rudyard Kipling’s Kim (Longman, 2010).

The Red Sox and PhilosophyAssociate Professor of Philosophy Stephen Mathis published the essay “What Really Offends Fans about Red Sox Ticket Resellers” in The Red Sox and Philosophy. (Open Court, 2010).

Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies Kim Miller received a yearlong fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities to work on a book, Selective Silencing and the Shaping of Memory in Post-Apartheid South African Visual Culture. She also received the 2009 Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research on Women and Politics from Iowa State University. She is the first art historian ever to win this award.

Assistant Professor of English James Mulholland published the article “Neither a Trap Nor a Lie” in The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 12, 2010).

Professor of Sociology A. Javier Treviño wrote the introduction for The Institutions of Private Law and Their Social Functions by Karl Renner (Transaction Publishers, 2010). He also wrote the entry “George C. Homans, the Human Group, and Elementary Social Behavior” in The Encyclopedia of Informal Education (2009).

Professor of Political Science David Vogler published the article “Piazza con tre viste” in the spring 2010 issue of the Italian sociological review Città in controluce (Piacenza).