Emily Chick ’14

Emily Chick ’14Major: Hispanic studies

Sport: Field hockey

Extra points: Worked with Amnesty International

Success on the field: It’s all about personal improvement, doing the best you can and being a team player. Personal improvement is key to any player’s success. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you can always get better. As an athlete, I always hold myself to my own highest standards and consider it my job to be the best I can be.

Success in the classroom: Academic success isn’t just about the grades. Being academically successful means learning the material and working hard outside of class so that you hand in your best work. Most of the focus in college is on grades, but what’s really important is learning and understanding the material we’re being taught.

The winning combination: For me, what it takes to succeed in sports and what it takes to succeed in the classroom are practically the same. It’s all about being self-driven to do your best and being challenged by those around you. Whether it’s on the field or in the classroom, you have to work hard. Not many people realize the time commitment that comes with being an athlete. At least two hours every day is committed to sports, more when you factor in games. When you add this to the already heavy workload at a prestigious school like Wheaton, you tend to run out of time to fit everything in during the day.

2011–12 NEWMAC All-Academics

Women’s cross country

  • Savannah Geasey
  • Rose Harris
  • Shoshana Kruskal
  • Kimberly Nash
  • Lindsay Petrenchik
  • Taylor Wills
  • Hillary Wilson

Men’s cross country

  • Michael Richard

Field hockey

  • Emily Chick

Men’s soccer

  • Pablo Mena
  • Kevin “Max” Swanson

Women’s volleyball

  • Christina Cannon
  • Emily Davisson
  • Kara-Jane Walker

Women’s soccer

  • Jessica Stuart

Women’s Tennis

  • Lyndsay Cooke
  • Sarah Crom