Education appreciation

Adrienne Wheeler Rudge ’63When Adrienne Wheeler Rudge ’63 arrived at Wheaton, she knew that she had landed in the right place.

Go Beyond, Campaign for Wheaton“I liked the small classes. I liked the relationships you could have with your teachers, most of whom I thought were top-notch,” said Rudge, an English major. “It was the only time I had gone to a single-sex school during my student career, and there was a nice comfort level there in speaking out in class.”

The value of the education proved itself after she graduated. “I felt very well prepared when I left college, and I enrolled in a master’s program at NYU.” In fact, she recalls reading articles in graduate school classes that were written by the late Professor of English Curtis Dahl.

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Rudge remembers friends and fellow students receiving scholarships to attend Wheaton, but her appreciation for such support grew during the years that she taught high school English.

“I had one very talented student heading off to Smith and she needed a scholarship to go,” Rudge said. “Thankfully, she got it, and she’s gone on to be a very resourceful teacher.”

Those experiences are what inspired Rudge to support scholarships at Wheaton in anticipation of her class’s 50th Reunion. “I did it to honor my Wheaton friends and students who have benefited from scholarships.”