Dining and a movie

Professor of Art Jake Mahaffy will be showing his latest short film, Wax Jesus, at the Sundance Film Festival. The story behind how the three-minutes short came to be caught the attention of The Boston Globe, which featured him in its daily column, Names & Faces.

The Wheaton College professor is screening his fourth Sundance film at the event this week, after making a deal with festival programmer Mike Plante to make a short film in exchange for lunch. The “burgers and beer,” which totaled $69.80, happened last fall at Red Stripe in Providence, Mahaffy said.

Critical accolades and attention are not new to Mahaffy. His latest feature film “Wellness” won the Grand Jury Award for best feature film at the South By Southwest Film Festival, the biggest event for low-budget indie films in the U.S. You can read more about Mahaffy’s film and his work at Wheaton here.

Source: The Boston Globe