Deirdre Briggs Phillips ’78

  • 650_Deirdre Briggs Phillips 78Vice president of strategic planning and governance
  • Executive director, Autism Consortium, Harvard Medical School

Involvement: Global Advisory Committee, 2004–07, National Campaign Area Committee member, 1984–85

Connection: “I have been to a few Reunions, stayed in touch with a number of longtime Wheaton friends, and gotten to know some terrific fellow alums who are doing great work in Boston.”

Goal: “I’ve served on a number of nonprofit boards and learned a lot along the way. I’m looking forward to using these skills to help Wheaton and the Alumnae/i Board. I also know a couple of Wheaton trustees from other parts of my life and look forward to working with them, and getting to know all the trustees.”

Surprise: “I’m quite good at arranging flowers, re-arranging furniture, and organizing just about anything. As such, I have a secret wish to work in a flower shop or a hardware store, and lately, even the Container Store has a certain appeal.”

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