Commencement redux

One month after Wheaton’s commencement, the avalanche of commentary on Wheaton’s commencement and Ann Curry’s address has largely passed.

With the spotlight fading, the college’s assistant vice president for communications, Michael Graca, offered a few closing thoughts on the viral nature of news today in a guest column published by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The essay offers a brief insight into just how much attention Wheaton received from the initial faux pas, not to mention Ann Curry’s later appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

In today’s online media environment, it’s possible to know just how big a story has become even as it develops. Thanks to Web analytics, we knew that in the first 24 hours, visitors to increased more than tenfold from the daily average before the speech, and that more than 1.2 million people had read about our graduation and watched the video on the Internet.