Coaching recognition


Jamie Lockhard knew just enough about Wheaton to be intersted when he saw that the college was looking to hire a new men’s lacrosse coach.

When he started to learn more about Wheaton, from the college’s web site and from field hockey coach and women’s sports administrator Rebecca Begley, he became very interested.

The feeling proved to be mutual. Lockhard, the former head coach of Widener University, took over the top spot in Wheaton’s men’s lacrosse program and talked about his excitement to join the college with Lacrosse Magazine, a publication of the sport’s national governing association.

During the interview, he talked about the confusion that sometimes ensues between our Wheaton and the college that shares our name in Illinois.

“I had heard of it and I had heard it always got confused with the Wheaton out in Illinois,” said Lockard on Tuesday. “People always ask me if it is a Christian school or not, and I’m sure I’ll still get those questions.”

The Wheaton program Lockard is taking over is located in Norton, Mass. – roughly between Boston and Providence, R.I. – and plays in the Pilgrim League with the likes of Springfield and Babson. It is not the Christian institution located in the ‘burbs east of Chicago (which, not for nothing, is rumored to be close to adding varsity lacrosse).

The magazine concluded: “If he can replicate what he was able to do at his alma mater, he should quickly establish that when it comes to NCAA men’s lacrosse, there’s only one Wheaton.”