Clarifications and omissions

One of the photos that accompanied the essay “Gaining perspective” in the spring issue of the Quarterly should have indicated that it was taken near the Damascus Gate, just outside the wall to the Old City of Jerusalem.

In the spring issue of the Quarterly, we ran the essay “A fish tale,” which was written by Professor of Biology Betsey Dyer. The sidebar accompanying the story included a description of the strange things she has eaten over the years. However, one of the descriptions was cut short by mistake. Here is the complete (even yummier) description of the tripe (cow stomach) hidden within an opaque soup that she ate once: “I think if the chunks had been chopped up finer, this would have worked out better for me. Instead, each piece came up from the depths looking like a piece of an old-fashioned textured bathing cap.”

Also, in our Between the Lines for the same issue, we featured a photo of Professor Dyer. Credit should have been given to photographer Katie Hall ’06.