Campaigning from Cairo

-Winning an election requires hard work and determination, no matter the office. However, some candidates face formidable obstacles.

Case in point: Emily Firment ’11, who spent the spring semester of her junior year abroad in Egypt, which happened to be when elections for president of the Student Government Association took place.

With an ocean and several time zones in the way, many would-be candidates might choose to retire. Firment charged ahead, with the help of Skype and an extremely well-organized running mate (Alexandra Schiabanoff ’12). And they won.

With the new school year approaching, the Sun Chronicle talked with Firment about how she won her post and her hopes for the academic year. And she is expecting the SGA to make an impact.

Wheaton is certainly a college where the students voices are heard. Personally, I have been able to interact with a large number of the faculty and staff through various committees and meetings. From dining oversight meetings to strategic planning meetings to trustee meetings, students are in attendance and they are always given the time to speak.