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Ah, the road trip … nothing could be more American. Unless, of course, you decided to improve upon the venerable tradition of Jack Kerouac, the folkways of generations of college students and families who can’t resist one-upping the Griswolds.

Imagine a three-day bus trip in which the passengers spend every waking minute dreaming up the next must-have iPhone app or can’t-miss investment opportunity.

Their personal Wally World: Austin’s SXSW Interactive festival and the chance to win the support of investors in a business pitch competition.

That’s the StartUp Bus.

The odyssey from Boston to Austin began at 6 a.m. this morning, and Ted Worcester ’12 is among the 31 buspreneurs who are riding toward a chance to put their business plan into action.

The web site BostonInno wrote about the Boston bus, which will be competing against bus-teams from New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Cincinnati, Florida, Louisiana, Mexico, Las Vegas, Washington and Mexico. It profiled some members of the hometown team, including Ted:

Currently in his fourth year at Wheaton College, Worcester is working on the marketing team for SaveUp, a personal finance startup out of San Francisco that rewards people for saving and paying down their debt. (We love the sound of that.)

Ted’s looking forward to the trip, of course. “They describe this as the ‘spring break for entrepreneurs.’ It’s definitely meant to be an adventure,” he said. “We have stops along the way—Charlotte, Baton Rouge, and a big one in San Antonio where we meet up with the 10 other buses from around the country. I get the vibe that it will most definitely have the classic American road trip feel with a healthy dose of innovation and coding.”

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Ted Worcester
Class of 2012
Waterville, Maine
Economics major