Burger meisters

-Foodies can get excited about any dish, any ingredient, any method of preparation. (Just ask for some tomato-based barbecue sauce in North Carolina, for example. Or Manhattan clam chowder in Boston.)

The humble hamburger can be  subjected to close analysis, too, especially if the arbiters of taste can apply the critical thinking skills that are honed by liberal arts study. The New York Times focused on a group of eight men in New York City who have made a commitment to the search for the perfect burger. They call themselves the Burger of the Month club.

An alert Wheaton alumnus reader points out that two members of the beefy brethren are Jed Weiss ’96 and Jason Beckerman ’97.

This is an exclusive group, allowing just eight members, a limitation established for the practical reason that it would be difficult to find a table for a larger group. Club members were required to apply for the privilege of joining the group’s burger tour. The Times quote Jed Weiss’ application:

“Vegetables are to be eaten by rabbits and liberals,” wrote Mr. Weiss, a lawyer who lives on the Upper West Side, “and the only form they should take is the fourth ingredient in a condiment.”

You decide whether Jed was referring to lettuce, tomato, onion or pickle.

In any event, you can learn more about the art of the burger by visiting the club’s web site: http://www.burgerrankings.com/.

Source: The New York Times.