Blogs we like

Emily Ayer ’09

  • Peach and Pearl
  • About: Ayer started her wedding and lifestyle blog while she was a student at Wheaton. She believes it helped her land her dream job working as art director at Southern Weddings magazine right out of college.

Mark Baumer ’06

  • i’m a blog
  • About: An ongoing commentary on Baumer’s daily life and his observations. Baumer spent months walking across the country and blogged about it via his telephone.

Rachel Bowie ’04

  • The Rachel Papers
  • About: The Rachel Papers is meant to be a fun, women’s lifestyle blog. It covers design, fashion, travel, entertainment, beauty, weddings and more. The New York–based writer and editor also tries to sprinkle in coverage of a cappella music—a direct connection to her Wheatones roots.

Jessica Bruce ’87

  • I parked my car in Harvard yard
  • About: “Eight weeks at Harvard. It sounds great. It is great. It’s also eight weeks away from my baby, and eight weeks away from my job. One breaks my heart and the other breaks….well, I’m not sure what, but I love my job. Here is where I hope to share the best, interesting parts of this new education.”

Margaret (“Maggie”) Carey ’03

  • Whales and bunnies
  • About: Each Monday Carey and a co-blogger post new photographs with lists about the things in their respective weeks. “We have never met, but our lives are somehow (and intricately) intertwined. The world really is made of circles.” They both dated the same boy, their parents have the same names, and, says Carey, “we make the same mistakes.”

Laura Crawford ’01

  • Path less pedaled
  • About: In 2009, Laura Crawford, a jewelry maker and writer, and Russ Roca, decided to go on an open-ended journey. “Instead of investing in a corporate job, a mortgage, a retirement plan, we decided to invest in ourselves…. Our journey is about meeting people, tasting new foods, seeing unknown corners of the world.” The blog chronicles it all.

Lou Ann Daly ’76

  • And…
  • About: Daly, CEO and co-founder of O!LAD, executive coach and author, offers personal and professional development advice.

Molly Galler ’06

  • Pop.Bop.Shop.
  • About: The musings of a self-proclaimed pop culture addict, foodie, travel junkie and fashionista.

Rose Jackson ’06

  • Ramblin’ Rose
  • About: Jackson, who says she likes rambling across the world pursuing her passions, shares her experiences in Kenya. She is there for the next two years as a Rotary Global Ambassadorial Scholar.

Christine Koh ’95

Christine Panzarella ’10

  • PostGradRecessionista’s Blog
  • About: The recent graduate chronicles her journey through the real world—from nailing down a career to finding the right apartment.

Christine Pilch ’87

  • Grow my company
  • About: Pilch, a copywriter who specializes in marketing and media, works with a partner to help companies build branding and business.

Ted Nesi ’07

  • WRPI Eye Witness News
  • About: Nesi covers government and the economy in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts for

Charlene DeLoach Oliver ’95

  • Charlene Chronicles
  • About: DeLoach, a work-at-home mother and blogger who has 15 years of experience working on health policy issues in Massachusetts, provides health, fitness, event and parenting information for mothers and their families, especially those in metrowest Massachusetts.

Patricia (“Trish”) Clark Ryan ’91

  • Trish’s Dishes
  • About: “Thoughts on life, love, dogs, spirituality, writing, hope and happily ever after” from the author of He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: A Memoir of Finding Faith, Hope, and Happily Ever After; and A Maze of Grace: A Memoir of Second Chances.

Tara Settembre ’04

  • When Tara met blog
  • About: Tara Settembre, who was named one of the Top 20 Most Influential People in Los Angeles by MostPublic Index, writes this personal lifestyle blog about everything from her adventures to cupcakes.

Stefan Sirucek ’06

  • The Huffington Post
  • About: Sirucek, a freelance journalist and former Fulbright Scholar, blogs for the Huffington Post about a variety of topics, including the moment Sarah Palin wrote notes on the palm of her hand.

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