Art sleuth

When the Federal Bureau of Investigation runs into a case involving pre-Columbian artifacts, it calls on art historian Carol Damian ’64, professor of art history at Florida International University and the new director and chief curator of the school’s Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, which opened Saturday at Florida International University.

Sometimes the international drama that unfolds in Damian’s work as an art historian rivals the best plot lines in the television show Murder, She Wrote, and certainly, the 66-year-old Coral Gables grandmother could easily be played by Angela Lansbury. But the center of Damian’s world is the university’s art and art-history program and the state-of-the-art teaching museum she now leads.

She enjoys helping nab the bad guys in ”art crime,” but put her in front of a class or in the midst of a museum exhibit, and she’ll segue into the job she loves most — sharing her vast knowledge about a significant piece of art and its place in the history of art and culture.

The Miami Herald profiled Damian, who majored in art history at Wheaton, to mark the opening of South Florida’s newest art museum.

Source: Miami Herald.