Andrew Howard, professor of art

Still Life 3“Going to the edge of the world is sometimes necessary to gain the kind of knowledge about oneself that can only be revealed when one is in a place that creates a kind of vacuum in which nothing exists but the central core of who we are. Walking on the beach is a multi-sensory experience; the smell of the ocean, the feel of sand or rock under foot, the constant roar or gentle ripple of the waves, the taste of salt on your tongue, and the feel of the sun or mist on your face. As a photographer I am limited to the visual elements of all that I feel and experience. However, through the craft of photography I can convey the richness of the experience of being in that place at that time. Tonality, texture, the quality of light, the design of the image, color combinations, shape, form and subject choice are some of the ingredients that make this possible.”

Beard and Weil Galleries

Show and tell: Sampling of studio art professors work and artist statements