Amy Diller ’90

Associate director of training

The Groden Network

Providence, R.I.

Even though I do not work directly with clients at the Groden Center, the most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing them every day and following their progress and accomplishments. After 17 years at the center, I have seen our individuals with autism make some amazing strides. My job is to train the teachers and staff to work with clients, and having staff tell me how I’ve helped them in their work is also very rewarding.

My major at Wheaton was psychology, but I didn’t specialize. I appreciated the flexibility of my education to take courses that interested me. The broad choices of all of the departments at Wheaton allowed me to learn something about a great deal of subjects.

I was the psychology department’s assistant for all four of my years at Wheaton, and that helped prepare me for working at the Groden Center. Not only did Professor Grace Baron recommend me for the job, but many of my responsibilities at Wheaton were similar to those at the Groden Center.