Amy Broome ’11

Amy Broome '11Amy Broome ’11, an international relations major from St. Johnsbury, Vt., won a Fulbright Scholarship to Oman, where she will research the ways in which foreign tourism there shapes and changes modern Omani identity. At Wheaton, Broome pursued a passion for languages that began with her study of Latin at age 11. She started with Arabic and Italian in her freshman year and later added Mandarin Chinese. In her junior year, she spent one semester in Beijing and one in Cairo, where she sharpened her Arabic. She notes that the increasing numbers of foreign visitors to the once-isolated Sultanate of Oman have brought “new cultures, ideas and languages with them—novelties that undoubtedly affect Omanis and Omani society at large.” By studying the effects of cross-cultural interactions, she hopes to paint “a comprehensive picture of how the influx of foreign travelers affects a society’s perceptions of self and of the outside world.” She also hopes to analyze her findings “in a way that fosters wider intercultural understanding.”


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