A dose of prevention

Craig Andrade, Wheaton’s associate dean of health and wellness, has always stressed the fact that maintaining good health is key to succeeding in college. This year, staying healthy likely will be more challenging than ever since both the seasonal flu and the new H1N1 swine flu virus are lurking.

So Andrade has headed up efforts at Wheaton to prepare for and hopefully prevent widespread illness on campus. The Office of Health & Wellness has an updated Web page with the most current information about how to avoid the H1N1 virus (big hint: wash your hands!) and what to do if flu-like symptoms develop. Before students arrived on campus, Wheaton e-mailed an advisory letter urging them to get vaccinated against both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 virus. Campus flu clinics also will be made available to them this fall. And this week Andrade held a workshop with faculty and staff members to discuss the best ways to keep illness at bay, especially considering that the flu season has already arrived with a vengeance on many campuses nationwide.

“We’re trying to get the message out in every way possible,” he told the Attleboro Sun Chronicle in a recent article. Read the story here: http://www.thesunchronicle.com/articles/2009/09/11/news/5625914.txt