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Sweats to Suits

Workshop will help students prepare for world of work

Do I have to wear a suit? What do I carry with me—briefcase, backpack? And, should I cover up my tattoo?

Answering questions for a job interview begins long before a potential employer starts asking anything.

To help seniors prepare for the world of work, the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services is sponsoring the fourth annual Sweats to Suits event on Friday, February 28, from 1 to 7 p.m., in Watson Fine Arts.

The multifaceted workshop will offer students tips and strategies for doing well in interviews (including a demonstration of the appropriate attire for a job or graduate school interview). The workshop also will provide advice on a variety of other topics—from how to create a personal budget to how to create a personal brand using social media.

Marianne Singer, Filene Center associate director, said that the annual Sweats to Suits workshop is one of many events being offered during the spring semester to prepare seniors for life after Wheaton.

“The job market is challenging,” said Singer. “We are continually working with students to help them showcase the knowledge, skills and internship experiences they have acquired at Wheaton, so that they are ready for employment opportunities.”

“A weekly newsletter is emailed to seniors to keep them up to date on upcoming programming, professional development and employment opportunities. We offer students one-on-one advising, as well as a number of targeted workshops and information sessions.  For example, we offer LinkedIn labs, which teach students how to effectively build professional connections, and Career Conversations, in which alums visit campus to talk about their careers. We are also developing a financial literacy program that will launch in fall 2014.”

For Friday’s event, 20 professionals will be on hand to offer advice, including Beth Peterson Wahlig ’81, a senior portfolio manager at Chatham Wealth Management; Jon Girolamo ’98, president of JMG Management Group; and Peter Langton, a nationally recognized motivational speaker and organizational psychologist. Lauren Parry, the human resources manager at Pierce Aluminum, will talk about how to make yourself stand out in a crowd of applicants; what it means to be a good new employee; how to handle social media as an employee and how to balance personal life and social life in today’s work world.

The day will wrap up with a reception that will give students the opportunity to practice networking with professionals.

Adam Kilduff  ’16