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Student Study Spaces: Christina Ferragamo '14

Posted on April 1, 2014

Christina Ferragamo '14
Studio Art Major
Senior Art Studio at the Carpenter Shop

Christina Ferregamo

How did this become your primary work space?
I reached out to Professor Howard, who's the advisor for the space, and said I was looking for somewhere to work on my senior portfolio. My room was totally covered in drawings and everything, and the library isn't ideal for art production, so he was the one who opened it up for me. We use it for both senior art stuff and as a study environment. It's really airy, heated, and our panels are sectioned off so we can personalize it to our own needs.

What's your favorite thing about the space?
That it's so unique to Wheaton. At other schools, there's a degree of certainty that you'll end up with a studio all four years. Here, you have to earn the space, and it's something exciting to look forward to senior year.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you personalized it?
I put up curtains because that's how I am, and I used to have a lamp. It's nice to come to a place that's homey, which the curtains allow, and there's cloth draped over everything else to add some general softness to the room. We all have a personal little section, so it's easy to add your own touch.

Is there anything you wish you could add to the space?
I wish it was a little more finished, because it's still kind of not done. It can get really scary at night if you're here by yourself. It's also a little messy -- most of the cleaning in here was done by me or the other students.

What do you think is the most identifiably "you" thing in here?
The drawings, definitely. And the curtains. Everyone knows this is my space because of them.

Anything else you want to add?
It's really nice in the summer. You can open the windows, a breeze comes in, and you're sitting here drawing with this beautiful view of campus and of Peacock Pond. I haven't come here as much recently because it's been too cold to walk from my room, but the warmer months are incredible and you get inspired just sitting here looking out the window.

-- Julie Bogen '14

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