Leading Together

Sharing the Vision

Your student organization benefits greatly when everyone understands where you are trying to go. When your team understands and believes in the intended end result, the group can work better. But how do you get everyone on the same track?

Here are tips to share the vision:

  • Valuable Vision: The vision itself should provide direction and inspires everyone. Make sure it is simple and focused.
  • Believe the Hype: As the leader, you are the biggest vision marketer. If you don’t know or believe in the vision how will others? Know it, believe it, and sell it!
  • Talk About It: The best time to share a vision is during the first meeting. But don’t forget to continue to talk about the vision throughout the year! Put the vision on every meeting’s Agenda and reference it often.
  • Show Them: Actions speak louder than words. Even if you are able to share the vision, it will mean nothing if you do not demonstrate it. If you want your group to be inspired by the vision, show them what it looks like in action.
  • Recognition: Reward behavior that moves the group towards the vision. A vision will lose meaning and momentum if you do not recognize people for making progress towards it.

Appreciating the Team

Understanding Differences

First and foremost, working as a group takes time. The following is “Bruce Tuckman’s Model of Group Development”:-

Throughout the first three stages of “Group Development”, each group member reveals their leadership personality traits. Differences and lack of understanding of these traits can often cause conflict, however, once everyone learns and respects each others’ traits, the group can move toward to the “performing” stage. Therefore, it is important for each member to read the “Are You a Leader?” page of this handbook to better understand themselves.

True Colors

True Colors provides a method for valuing differences and creating unity. After taking a short quiz, you are given an arrange set of four colors. Each color provides an association between a temperament type and learning tools. The unique piece to True Colors is that everyone encompasses all four colors; though typically only one “shines brightest”.

Contact the SAIL staff at sail@wheatoncollege.edu to learn more about this eye opening workshop!

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” – Warren Bennis