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Past Episodes

Episode 14 walks through Wheaton's very own farmer's market.

Episode 13 takes a wild ride during the annual Head of the Peacock Regatta.

Episode 12 follows the popular student-run dance group, TRYBE.

Episode 11 takes students from math class to the stage.

Episode 10 follows the dream of two students to build a new recording studio on campus.

Episode 9 takes viewers to Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland for an intense three-week art course.

Episode 8 focuses on the college's student-run men's rugby club and its loyal band of alumni brethren.

Episode 7 walks with Wheaton students who organize and participate in the campus-hosted Relay For Life.

Episode 6 tours the campus residence halls to see how students put a personal stamp on their rooms.

Episode 5 zooms in for a close-up look at how scholarship on Old English literature and modern DNA sequencing methods are being combined to address a long-standing mystery in the humanities.

Episode 4 introduces viewers to a group of students whose campus jobs involve working with professors on advanced research projects.

Episode 3 drops in at the Lyon's Den, now in its tenth year of continuous operation,to learn what makes it a successful, student-run coffeehouse.

Episode 2 tells the story of how Sarah Mielbye '09 and Christopher DiFranco '10 helped plan the national summit on service in New York City and then brought the program to Wheaton.

Episode 1 covers the creation of "Twisted Sisters", a sculpture created by the artist Patrick Dougherty with help from more than 40 Wheaton students.

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