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First Lady lauds activism

Posted on February 10, 2011

Public school cafeteria food can be a nutritional nightmare, but when Aaron Marks '00 realized that his son's preschool was serving doughnuts and "breakfast pizza" to toddlers, he couldn't swallow it.

The Marks familyThe local-news site Patch.com reports that Marks organized a group of parents, and within three years the City Schools of Decatur (Georgia) had given their breakfast and lunch menus a makeover. Marks's activism caught the attention of First Lady Michelle Obama, who referred to it in a speech in Alpharetta, Georgia, on Feb. 9.

Marks was in the audience when Obama mentioned him in her talk, which centered on the first lady's Let's Move campaign against obesity and unhealthful eating.

Obama quoted Marks as saying, "You just can't take no for an answer. You have to be tenacious."

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