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  • Alumnus wins Fulbright

    Congratulations to Padric Gleason ´10  who has won a competitive Binational Business Grant through the Fulbright Foundation. He will spend next year working and researching in Mexico.
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  • Laura González

    Laura González '10

    Laura González is a Youth Organizer for Centro Presente in Boston.
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  • Alice Kellogg

    Alice Kellogg

    Alice Kellogg is a ELL Teacher at Joseph P. Keefe Tech High School.
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  • Erin Davis

    Erin Davis is able to communicate with co-workers in their native language as a Senior Research Technician at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
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  • Amy Liz Breckenridge

    Amy Breckenridge '08

    Amy Breckenridge's foreign language studies (Spanish, French and Italian) prepared her to work with people from all around the world
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  • Alex Palmer

    Alexandra Palmer

    I am currently a graduate student in Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice at Boston University School of Medicine. I am in the process of figuring out my post-grad plans. I have applied to medical school and am thinking about back-up plans. I have recently focused my interests in child health to child development and the […]
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  • Samantha Andreacchi

    Samantha Andreacchi

    I am presently the Inflight Communications Specialist at Virgin America. I work directly with the Director of Inflight, drafting department-wide communications sent out as either emails, newsletters, posters, or onboard resources.  I am also responsible for maintaining the Inflight and Team Travel portions of the company Intranet, posting company or policy updates and HTML coding […]
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  • Natalie Coca-Ducach

    I am completing my Clinical Fellowship in Speech-language pathology at the Rehabilitation and Continuing Care Center at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, New York. The knowledge I gained from majoring in Hispanic Studies continues to play a role in my everyday life as I work with a predominantly Spanish-speaking population.
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  • Luís Amaury Báez

    Luís Amaury Báez

    Prior to working in advertising I was a paralegal for the New York Legal Assistance Group, a non-profit group dedicated to providing legal services under-served populations in NYC. As a paralegal I handled cases where clients were wrongfully denied Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Public Assistance benefits. Speaking Spanish was a critical skill as it allowed […]
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  • Dan Stein

    Daniel Stein

    The two greatest things I have done in my life are travel and learn a second language.  Both were made possible in great measure by my Hispanic Studies major at Wheaton.  Since studying abroad in Mexico and Argentina, I have had a number of positions, all of which benefited from my knowledge of Spanish.  I […]
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  • J Presutti

    Jackie Presutti

    I work full time at Population Services International (PSI), an international NGO that focuses in social marketing for global health. As an intern with their Corporate Marketing, Communications, and Advocacy team, I will get to use my Spanish language skills and cultural understanding to develop corporate partnerships and health programs in countries like Mexico, Guatemala […]
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  • Charlotte Marshall-Bowman

    Charlotte Marshall-Bowman

    I am a Media Relations Manager for AARP, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a membership that helps people 50+ have choice and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole. As A Media Relations Manager for AARP my focus is primarily Hispanic Media. I am in charge of all Hispanic media outreach […]
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  • Elisabeth Salner

    is an US Cultural Ambassador in Madrid.
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  • Elena Gurdián Piza

    studies Media, Culture and Communication in London
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