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Medical Taxi Voucher Program

Taxi vouchers in lieu of cash are available to all students requiring transportation to off-campus medical appointments through Taunton Checker Cab, Co., Wheaton's designated medical taxi voucher partner.

For transportation to medical appointments, you may either pay the driver in cash or you may choose to use a voucher in lieu of cash (no cash exchanged in the taxi) and the full cost of the fare will be charged to your student account.

To reserve a taxi using a voucher:

  • Schedule your off-campus medical appointment.
  • Call Taunton Checker Cab at 508-824-5831 at least 48 hours prior to the date of your medical appointment. Identify yourself as a Wheaton student.
  • Indicate whether you would like to be picked-up at the Bookstore or the Slype (archway) on Howard Street. In the unlikely event that the taxi is delayed, consider adding approximately 15 minutes to your taxi reservation time.
  • Obtain 2 signed taxi vouchers (one voucher for each leg of your trip) from Public Safety (24/7) or Cynthia Maricle, Student Health Services Coordinator, at Norton Medical Center (9 A - 5 P, M - F).
  • Present the signed taxi voucher and your Wheaton ID to the taxi driver at the time of pick-up.
  • After your appointment, call Taunton Checker Cab to schedule a return trip to campus.


Approximate one-way charges:

Sturdy Hospital - $20
Marathon Physical Therapy - $20
Dentists on Rt. 123 - $20
N. Taunton (Bay Street, Northwoods) - $20
Mansfield Health Center - $30
N. Attleboro - $30
Brockton (West side) - $50
MGH Foxboro - $50

If you have questions or are unable to pay the cost of a taxi for transportation to a medical appointment, you may request an exception by contacting Cynthia Maricle, Student Health Services Coordinator, at 508-286-8210.

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