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2013-14 Accident Only Health Insurance Plan

The 2013 - 14 Accident Only Insurance Plan has been developed specifically for Wheaton college varsity and club athletes. This policy provides coverage above and beyond the limitations of many personal health insurance plans. Enrollment in the Accident Only plan meets the college's requirement that athletes must have an insurance policy which provides coverage for athletic injuries and which has a coverage limit of at least $90,000.

PLEASE NOTE: This plan is considered a secondary policy only and no benefit under this policy is payable for any expense incurred for injury or sickness which is payable by another valid and collectible medical, health, or accident insurance.

If you enroll in the Wheaton Accident and Sickness Insurance plan, you are already covered for athletic injuries and, therefore, you do not need to enroll in the Accident Only plan.

Features of the Accident Only Plan offered by Wheaton include:

1. 12 months of coverage, from August 6, 2013 to August 5, 2014 (treatment must commence within 60 days of injury) for $209 (Spring semester-only rate approximately $145).

2. Full coverage (100% of usual and customary charges) for injuries directly related to organized varsity athletics up to $2,500 and then 80% of usual and customary charges up to $100,000 per policy year (all deductibles and co-pays are waived for the first $2,500).

3. The ability to use the team physician even though she may not be in network and to submit the claim through the Accident Only policy.

4. Use as a secondary policy to cover expenses not covered by a student's primary insurance company (i.e. if your primary insurance company pays only 80%, you can submit the remaining 20% to this policy).

For benefits and important exclusions (i.e. sickness, orthotics, knee braces, ankle braces, etc.), please refer to the Accident Only Plan brochure.

To enroll in the Accident Only Plan (after waiving enrollment in the Accident and Sickness plan) and to view answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Wheaton insurance plans, visit the Gallagher & Co. website.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to enroll in the Accident Only Plan, you must first submit an on-line waiver form for the Wheaton Accident and Sickness plan on the Gallagher & Co. website.

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