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New Student Health Forms

Freshmen and Transfer Students: The following health forms must be received by July 1, 2017. If the required medical information is not received by the due date, your course registration may be at risk.

Athletes must return 2 copies of a physical exam:  submit one to Health Services and another to Athletics on-line at
http://athletics.wheatoncollege.edu/information/athletictraining/index (along with other required NCAA health forms).

Download and return your completed Student Health forms via US mail to Cynthia Maricle, RN, Associate Director, Health & Wellness, Wheaton College, Norton, MA 02766. Faxing is unreliable and not recommended. Please make copies for your records.


  1. Health Forms Checklist (pdf)
  2. Personal Information (pdf)
  3. Physical Exam and Immunization Record (pdf) Office copies accepted. Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella vaccine series must be initiated before arriving on campus.
  4. TB Risk Questionnaire (pdf)
  5. Health History (pdf)
  6. Health Insurance Checklist (pdf)
  7. Norton Medical Center registration form (pdf)
  8. Study Memorial Hospital Disposition Information form (pdf)
  9. Meningitis Waiver and Important Information (pdf)


  1. Medi-Alert form (pdf)


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