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Making the decision to study at Wheaton in preparation for a career in one of the health professions requires careful planning from the very start of your academic career. Careful planning is the key to eventually completing an outstanding, and ultimately successful, application to your chosen health profession.  It is important to be in contact with Senior Associate Dean of Studies Alex Trayford, one of Wheaton's health careers advisor, as soon as possible  Students can make an appointment with him in Kollett Hall.

Students who find their interest in a health profession after the first year can still successfully prepare for application, it just means that the course track may be condensed into a shorter time period or have to be completed outside of or after Wheaton.  Don't be discouraged!  Many students do not make the decision to follow the path toward a health profession until years after graduation.  Advisors at Wheaton will be available to you whenever you decide to apply.

There are a variety of factors that go into a successful application for any of the health professions. They are:

  • Grade point average: overall, in the sciences, and in pre-requisite courses
  • Performance on the appropriate standardized test
  • Medically-related activities and experiences
  • Examples of leadership
  • Community service and volunteerism
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Recommendations

Consult the Preparing for a Medical, Dental, Veterinary, and Optometry Career guidebook for specific details related to these professions.

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