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  • So Little Means So Much

    Donna Kerner teaches anthropology in Tanzania; students share their experiences with local middle schoolers. More »
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    Wheaton Welcomes the World

    Wheaton welcomes 46 new international students - our largest class ever! More »
  • Wheaton students, Miranda Joy, Arron Bos-lun, Nanako Ota, Nurit Applbaum, William McNamara and Lundivine De Rancourt join Bhutan's Prime Minister for tea.

    Wheaton in Bhutan 2011

    This year marks the second year Wheaton has sent students to Bhutan to study for a semester. More »
  • Returning to the starting point everyone celebrates the opportunity to share and learn from each other

    International Summer College Prep at Wheaton

    Students from China participated in activities promoting English language learning and introducing them to U.S. colleges. More »
  • Wheaton students in traditional dress of Southern China

    Student Perspective: Traditional Medicine in China-Wheaton Summer 2011

    This summer 16 students are spending three weeks in the city of Kunming and surrounding areas exploring the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine from a biological perspective. One of those students Michaela Superson '13 has been keeping a photo blog of her experience. In her own words: "Whilst on my first expedition outside of America […] More »
  • In response to reports of a lack of looting and other crimes in Japan after the Great Touhoko Earthquake

    Given recent events in Japan I’ve thought a lot about my time there. Obviously, initially I was concerned about my family and friends (all safe – thank you!). But as news reports came out about the growing tragedies and survivors, I began to think more about how best to explain to my friends and those concerned how I felt about what was happening and to explain what wasn’t. This is my attempt to do that. More »
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    “Nihon to Tomoni” - Together with Japan

    This event is designed as an opportunity for students and members of the community to offer support to those most affected by the disasters in Japan. More »
  • Wheaton College students visit with current Bhtuan "wheatie" Tenzin Wangmo and a former member of the Royal Guard Col Kado

    Official Wheaton in Bhutan Blog: Students share their story

    Currently eight Wheaton students are spending the semester in Bhutan. The mountains and valleys of Bhutan represent a great metaphor for their experiences. Read here about their trials and adventures as they navigate a different cultural and educational landscape. Follow along with this link to the official Wheaton in Bhutan Blog. http://wheatoncollege.edu/in-bhutan/2010/08/25/dinner/ More »
  • The Center for Global Education Welcomes the World to Wheaton

    The Center for Global Education is happy to welcome over 45 new international and dual citizens to the Wheaton community.  Over the next few days the Center will host a pre-orientation program for this new group of global students.  As always current international students play a big role in welcoming new students to Wheaton. More »
  • Raphael "Raffi" Sweet shares his stories from Bhutan

    Wheaton Students in Bhutan: Blog Tells All!

    Currently 8 Wheaton College students are spending their semester in Bhutan as part of a new study abroad program started this last year through the Center for Global Education.  Accompanying them is Wheaton faculty Professor Bianca Cody-Murphy from the Psychology department.  One of the students Raphael "Raffi" Sweet has entered the blog-sphere to relay to […] More »