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On Saturday, October 15, 2016 during Fall Fest, Wheaton Fund Gift Chairs gathered for a "Meet and Greet" and training program. During this time Gift Chairs from a variety of classes and from a wide-range of places participated in a Wheaton Fund Jeopardy-style training, Wheaton Fund: Be The Difference presentation, and a Volunteer Portal overview and hands-on training.

Winners! of the Marshmallow Challenge
Winners! of the Marshmallow Challenge

Many thanks to those who attended. Congratulations to the  "Dauntless Dimples" (Debby Dillingham Green ’61, Sally Bachelder Keil ’72, Nan Garland ’78, Melissa Namiot ’88, Zachary Agush ’12) who received "Bragging Rights" as part of the Marshmallow Challenge!

The Wheaton Fund Team is looking forward to partnering with all of this year's Wheaton Fund Gift Chairs as we provide support for today's students and faculty through the Wheaton Fund.

Whea Are the Future!

Jenish ’17, Camille ’17, Colleen ’20, Patty (staff), Darien ’20,  Alexa ’19 representing Whea Are the Future!

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