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Film & New Media Studies



Wheaton is excited to announce its new interdisciplinary program in Film & New Media Studies.

Film and New Media Studies
FNMS introduces students to the theoretical, historical, aesthetic, global and technological dimensions of cinema and digital media. Such media inform not only how we understand and value representation, but how we understand and value the ideas, peoples, places and cultures that we see represented. As information and communication technologies and media comprise an ever more prominent aspect of daily life, their social, psychological, cultural, political, economic and environmental impact becomes increasingly consequential. So too does the need to identify, study and responsibly contribute to that impact.

The Film and New Media Studies major is designed to be at once intellectually cohesive yet highly flexible. Multiple pathways through the major ensure that in addition to developing competencies in core areas, students can, in consultation with their academic advisor, plan a program of study that will help them identify and achieve their goals both while at Wheaton and in their post-graduation pursuits.

Designed in the liberal arts tradition and for the 21st century, Wheaton’s Film & New Media Studies program emphasizes...

  • Developing skills, knowledge and literacies that will help achieve academic 
and professional success;
  • Understanding the past, participating in the present and preparing for the future;
  • Critical thinking, computational thinking and creative innovation;
  • The integration of curricular and co-curricular learning experiences;
  • Project- and participation-based learning;
  • Thoughtful engagement with a diverse range of views, cultures, traditions and people;
  • Opportunities to study abroad and to participate in summer internship.

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