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Peony Fhagen-Smith

Peony Fhagen-Smith

Associate Professor of Psychology

PhD Developmental Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
MS Clinical (Child) Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
BA Psychology, Wellesley College

Main Interests

Multicultural Psychology, Social and Emotional Development, Multiracial Americans, Impact of social status (i.e., majority/minority) on behavior and social adjustment, Mixed method (coordination of qualitative and quantitative methods) research

Research Interests

I am interested in self development across the life span with a focus on adolescents and emerging adults and the intersection of race/ethnicity, gender, and gender and sexual orientation. My areas of focus include: 1) cultural identity development; 2) self portrait development; 3) the self-conscious emotion humiliation; and 4) familial socialization.

Self Development Lab (SDL)


Research Projects and Assistants:
The Self Portrait Project
2010-2011 Chloe Levine and Emily Parker
2011-2012 Laura Chung, Angela Cammack, Jessica Flori and Sarah Owen
2013-2014 Maria Rios Brache and Alicia Alvarez

Teaching Interests

PSY 251 Multicultural Psychology
PSY 270 Adolescent Development
PSY 315 Social and Emotional Development
PSY 344 Laboratory in Qualitative Research
PSY 400 Psychology Senior Seminar


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Student Projects

Honors Theses

Jennifer Park
Title: Adherence to Asian Values and the Use of English Names and Self-Ethnic Labels among Asian/Asian-American College Students

Lacresha Simpson
Title: The Influence of Racial Identity and Ideology on Future Neighborhood Preferences

Thomas Skiba
Title: Students With Dyslexia in Higher Education: A Grounded Theory Approach

Elizabeth Brais
Title: Preschoolers' aggression: A study of gender schemas and gender-typed behaviors

Rose Maizner
Title: The Female Muslim Immigrant Experience in the U.S