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Kirk Anderson

Kirk Anderson

Professor of French Studies
Chairman, French Studies Department

M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University (1991)
B.A., St. Olaf College (1983)

Main Interests

French pop music, Paris World's Fairs, Tocqueville's America, Occupation and Collaboration, Historiography as Literature, Beckett, Céline, Sarraute

Research Interests

Currently considering 1966 as a watershed year in French popular music, with a shift from imitation to appropriation of the Anglo-American model (Dutronc, Antoine, Polnareff, Gainsbourg).

Teaching Interests

French perspectives on the USA, Translation, Chanson, 20th century French literature

Other Interests

NEH Summer Institute: "The Continuing Significance of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America," Bethel University, June 18-29, 2007.

NEH summer seminar: "Images of Nation in Interwar France," University of Iowa, June-August 1994.

Wheaton Faculty intern at the Yupparaj Wittayalai school in Chiang Mai, Thailand, May-July 1993.


"Song 'Adaptations' and the Globalization of French Pop, 1960-1970," French Cultural Studies 26 (3), August 2015.

"Brown Hounding," a translation of Franck Pavloff's "Matin brun,"  Metamorphoses (Spring 2012).

"Vive Voix," a website for French poetry, both text and sound.

"Culture without Subtitles," Global Dispatch, Spring 2006.

"Writing the Expo: Parisian literati and the 1900 World's Fair", paper delivered at Carleton College, 14 Jan 2000.

"'Familistère rénové or 'Révolution moyenneuse': a Utopian Céline?" The French Review, April 1995.


Accordionist and guitarist for "Consuelo's Revenge"