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Josh Stenger

Josh Stenger

Associate Professor of Film Studies and English, Hannah Goldberg Chair in Teaching Innovation
Founding Coordinator, Film and New Media Studies

Ph.D., Syracuse University
M.A., Syracuse University
B.A., University of California, Los Angeles

Main Interests

Film and New Media Studies

  • participatory cultures, social media, fandom, relationship between technology and culture
  • digital literacy, computational thinking, data literacy & data visualization
  • DIY, making & makerspaces, disruptive innovation
  • US film history, especially the Hollywood studio system and the New Hollywood
  • Digital Humanities

Research Interests

  • The relationship between cinematic representation, race and urban space (with specific attention to how this is expressed through/in Hollywood film and Los Angeles)
  • Fandom and transmedia storytelling
  • The geohistory of film exhibition in the US
  • The impact of digital technologies on the creative industries
  • The impact of digital technologies on higher education, pedagogy, scholarly research and publishing
  • Affinity communities, shared knowledge and collective intelligence


Teaching Interests

Courses I currently teach include:
Film Studies
ENG 249: Hollywood Genres
ENG 250: Film History I - Cinema through 1940
ENG 257: Race & Racism in U.S. Cinema
ENG 348: Sexual Politics of Film Noir
New Media
FNMS 231: Introduction to New Media
ENG 331: Digital Culture
FNMS 244: Visualizing Cultural Data
Only offered during summer session. Co-taught with Tom Armstrong
ENG 101: Writing in the Digital Age



Canon Fodder: Fanfiction metadata and what mining it can tell us about fandom. Work in process.

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