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Christopher Kalberg

Christopher Kalberg

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. Duke University 1998
B.S. Loras College 1993

Research Interests

My research program is in the general area of synthesis of small organic molecules that are of biological or pharmaceutical interest. Recently, I have been investigating the application of Green Chemistry Principles to the production of chiral single stereoisomer amino acids and hydroxy acids. Specifically, we have been using commercially available transition metal catalysts in an aqueous reaction mixture to produce such molecules.

Teaching Interests

I have taught courses at all levels of the Chemistry Department curriculum from introductory courses such as general chemistry all the way through advanced inorganic and advanced organic which are courses for senior chemistry majors. In the last several years however, my main teaching focus has been on the two semester organic chemistry sequence that is typically taken during the sophomore year. During the spring semester of 2013, I am teaching the Chem 400 Seminar course and I will participate in the Organic Chemistry I laboratory.


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Student Projects

I currently have two senior students working of research projects. Amy Moriera '12 is continuing the work begun by Chiara Chapman '10 investigating the use of DuPHOS catalysts to make single stereoisomer tyrosine analogs using water as the solvent for the reaction. Zach Dunn '12 is attempting to carry out a similar type of reaction to make protected α-hydroxy acids which are found in many marine natural products.